Award Winning Jewellery Design Service

PinkDiamondsAustralia-Global has two multi award winning jewellers on the premises. We can custom design and handmake your own special and unique piece of jewellery in our onsite workshop. Quality and excellence does not cost any more at PinkDiamondsAustralia-Global. As with any handmade piece, depending on the complexity of your design it will take a little longer than if you are just buying something off the shelf. Please allow for this. It can be anywhere from two to six weeks but is well worth the wait.

Redesign and Remodel

As mentioned above, come and sit down with one of our designers and rework your older or worn out pieces of jewellery into a new and exciting design or allow us to restore it to it's previous glory!


PinkDiamondsAustralia-Global have had extensive experience in restoring antique jewellery. Our master jeweller is well qualified in this field, whether it be as simple as a broken or worn claw, or as complicated as rebuilding an intricate design or just decent, honest advice. We will always be happy to assist.

Expert Repairs

Unfortunately we live in a day and age where there is a lot of mass produced poor quality jewellery being sold and purchased without the buyer really being aware of what they are getting and some of this finds it's way into our workshop not long after with a disapointed owner in our workshop seeking advice. We will always give you sound advice and do a quality repair.

Watch Repairs

We have a very experienced watchmaker with over forty years experience who can provide you with a free quotation to repair your analogue or quartz watch. We can also replace batteries and watch straps whilst you wait, however, older watches generally require new parts and as most manufacturers do not keep readily available parts on hand these have to be ordered in so some repairs can take three to four weeks and in rare cases even longer.


We clean and polish any jewellery that we have made for our clients free of charge. We also recommend that clients bring their jewellery in for a clean and polish and a check up at least once a year. We also offer this service for jewellery that was not made by us at a small charge.


We can offer both a diamond machine engraving and a hand engraving service. Machine engraving usually takes one to two days. Our experienced hand engravers can take around one to two weeks depending on our workload.


We have a qualified certifier that can provide you with an up to date valuation on your jewellery. This is something you should do every few years, especially if you require your jewellery to be covered by your insurance. The time frame needed for valuations can difer depending on the amount of jewellery that requires valuing.

Insurance Replacement Work

We are a preferred supplier for many insurance companies and look after some of their VIP clients. We are also able to provide a quote for you on jewellery insurance through the Valuation Centre of Australia which can cover you throughout Australia and Worldwide for loss, theft and damage. Some policies do not always cover you for damage.

About Us

Joyce Santos

Store Owner

Our company, Australian Pink Diamond Jewellers, Inc. was bought by local owners from Guam on March 23, 2018 from Master Jeweller, Gary, started in the jewellery industry in 1969 with an apprenticeship to the top manufacturing firm in Australia. After eight years, this company, Gary then spent the next twenty odd years designing and handcrafting jewellery for many high end, well known stores. He also became involved in, and a partner in, a diamond wholesaling business in the late 80's specialising in Australian Argyle diamonds.

In 1995, Australian Pink Diamond Jewellers, Inc was established, and for the first time the public were now able to deal directly with a high end manufacturer and knowledgable diamondteer. In 1997 Australian Pink Diamond Jewellers, Inc won the inaugural Australian Bridal Industry award as the top jeweller. In 1998, they won our first National Design Award and have picked up over twenty awards in the years since. At the end of 2008, Gary was invited to join a judging panel for a National Design Competition which is held annually and since this time has withdrawn from all competition.

Australian Pink Diamond Jewellers, Inc was created to be an old fashioned, honest and friendly business, with their workshop located on the premises where you can come and relax in their no pressure, low key environment and talk to their qualified master jewellers and friendly staff about all their jewellery requirements.

We specialise in Australian gemstones, especially Australian Argyle Pink, White and Champagne diamonds. They also operate their own opal mine. They show every client their stone under a microscope and allow you the pleasure of selecting your own stone with peace of mind that comes with the genuine and honest information that they are willing to provide, when many others in the trade try to push you into purchasing a stone that they are biased towards. We believe it is up to you to choose and we have a very open, informative and no pressure approach. Just quality, and we always give you our best price up front !

We have never needed to spend a great deal on advertising as our clientelle are our best form of advertising and we now find ourselves doing work for people in many countries around the world.

We have an excellent display of jewellery but find that in 70 - 80 % of cases, we custom make a design especially for our clients.


California Location: 600 B Street, Suite 06-150, San Diego, CA 92101


600 B Street, Suite 06-150, San Diego, CA 92101